Testing Equipment

Soil Testing Equipment

CBR Apparatus Digital

Brass Sieves Set

CBR Test apparatus manual type

CBR Mould

Standard Penetrometer

Single Gang Consolidation test apparatus

Three Gang Consolidation test apparatus

Core Cutter apparatus

Crow bars


 Other Items 

Sampling Tubes

Sampling Auger

Rapid moisture meter

Proving Ring Tension 5 KN

Porous stone set

Pocket Penetrometer

Plummet Balance

Enamel Tray

Sieve Brush

High Speed Stirrer

Infrared Moisture Balance

Porous stone set

Proving Ring Compression 10 KN

Pycnometer Bottle

Sand Pouring Cylinder 200 mm dia


Soil Permeability apparatus


Fuel Testing Equipments

Abels Flash & Fire point apparatus

Bomb Calorimeter apparatus

Carbon condarson residue apparatus

Cleveland flash and fire point apparatus

Dead weight pressure gauge tester

Junker gas calorimeter apparatus

Orsat gas apparatus

Pensky Martin apparatus

Redwood Viscometer No.01

Redwood Viscometer No.02

Cement and Concrete Test Equipment

Accelerated curing tank

Air Entrainment Meter

Air Entrainment Meter

Blaine’s Permeability apparatus


Capping Set

Compaction Factor apparatus

Concrete permeability test apparatus

CTM Compression Testing Machine Digital

Rebound hammer

 Other Items 

U- Box Apparatus

Vibrating Machine

Vibrating Table

Water Bath

Lateral Extensometer

L – Box Apparatus

Concrete Test Hammer

Capping Set

Accelerated Curing Tank

CTM Machine 2000KN Computerised Model

Cube Mould 70.6 mm

J – Ring Apparatus

Laboratory Concrete Mixer

Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine

Sand Absorption Cone and Tamper

Bitumen Testing Equipment

Benkelman beam apparatus

Bitumen extractor hand operated

Bitumen automatic compactor

Bitumen Mixer

Carbon condarson residue test apparatus

Cleveland apparatus

Ductility mould

Ductility testing machine

Bitumen extractor motorised

Bitumen penetrometer

 Other Items 

Stripping Value Apparatus

Softening Point Apparatus Manual

Smoke Point Apparatus

Melting Point Apparatus

Distillation Apparatus

Vacuum Pump

Aggregate & Asphalt Testing Equipment

Aggregate Crushing value apparatus

Aggregate impact tester apparatus

Buoyancy balance apparatus

Cylindrical metal measures

Density basket

Deval abrasion testing machine

Dorry abrasion testing machine

Elongation index

Flakiness index

Aggregate floor saw machine


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