Lab Equipment

General Laboratory Equipments

Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus

Single Stage Centrifugal Pump Test Rig

Francis Turbine Test Rig

Free and Forced Vortex Tube Apparatus

Hook or pointer Gauge

Hydraulic Ram Test Rig

Impact of Jet on Vanes Apparatus

Inclined Manometer

Kaplan Turbine Test Rig

Metacentric Height of Ship Model Apparatus


Orifice and Venturimeter Apparatus

Civil engineering lab Equipments

Transportation Lab
Fluid Mechanics Lab-1
Fluid Mechanics Lab-2
Engineering Mechanics Lab – 1
Environmental Engineering lab
Engineering Geology
Geo Technical Engineering Lab
Testing of Material & Concrete Lab
Survey Lab

Mechanical engineering lab equipment

 Other Items

Engg. Workshop Practice Lab
Mechanics of Solids Lab
Thermal Engg. Lab
Metrology Lab
FM & HMS Lab
Production Technology Lab
Metrology & M/C Tools Lab
Heat Transfer Lab
Fuel & Lubricant Lab

General Laboratory Equipments

 Other Items

Two Stage Air Compressor Test Rig
Reciprocating Pump Test Rig
Pitot Tube Apparatus
Pelton Turbine Test Rig 0.5 KW Capacity
Kaplan Turbine Test Rig 1 KW Capacity
Free and Forced Vortex Tube Apparatus
Francis Turbine Test Rig 0.5 KW Capacity
Metacentric Height of Ship Model Apparatus
Tilting Flume Apparatus 4 meters
Venturimeter and Orificemeter Apparatus


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